Consulting Services Offered Include Installing fiber optics and connecting with foreign governments for redundant systems Licensing and filling out all necessary forms to establish a foreign phone company with the minister of telecommunications Purchase all server equipment and install ocean fiber connections and satellites In 1999, Mr. Dick Weily, the retired FCC chairman, helped Mr. Tomlinson create BNB Transatlantic. In 2000, Mr. Tomlinson hired CEO Mr. Joseph Sinda of Sinda Entertainment. Mr. Sinda previously worked with Jay Leno, John Wayne, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, and Elvis. Elvis wrote the song “Return to Sender” in honor of Joseph Sinda. Mr. Sinda is the nephew of John Sinda, the founder of the Cannes Film Festival. Sinda Entertainment can be reached at 562-591-5555. Mr. Joseph Sinda and Mr. Harris accompanied Mr. Tomlinson, the staff, and the camera crew in France and Geneva and took pictures and published several press releases, which will now turn into a motion picture titled “God Man Phenomenon” by Mr. Tomlinson spoke and consulted with over one hundred foreign telecommunications ministers about low-orbit satellites and internet ocean fiber video protocol, and through these relationships, Mr. Tomlinson connected his ATM platform and social medial video streaming technologies to many countries. To this day, his algorithm of 56-kilobit transmissions has not been duplicated. He introduced the first Mastercard to over one hundred countries. Mr. Tomlinson hired “Mr. Smith”, the Vice President of First Data, the largest server farms in the world that process Visa and Mastercard transmissions. Mr. Smith was hired to help us understand how to build a relationship with First Data to integrate our phone company, B N B Transatlantic, and our partners AT&T to transmit digital ATM protocols over our phone lines.